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About the Suit

Girl Gazing





to women who

need our support!  

5% of our Profits

Poverty is complex. It’s more than a lack of money. It’s also a lack of choice and power. For women and girls, poverty means having fewer opportunities than men and boys. In the world’s poorest places this means living on the margins of society, often facing discrimination, exploitation and violence.

From the moment they’re born, many girls are seen and treated as less than boys. Girls are less likely to go to school than their brothers, and millions of girls worldwide are married as children, often to much older men.

All over the world women and girls have less social, economic and political power, which can lead to their human rights being denied. Gender inequality is the root cause of women’s rights abuses. 

That is why we pledge to give 5% of our profits to ActionAid to support women and girls to claim their rights

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noun /ˈbəʊld.nəs/

„A brave and confident
way of behaving that
shows no fear.“

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About the BRAND


I founded this brand with one mission: help women feel at home in their bodies.


Hence, at BoldShapes we engineer solution wear with precision and passion. Our pieces are designed to make you feel empowered, to take agency into your hands, and to be bold.

We don't want bold fashion to be a question of size or money. Therefore, we aim for our solution wear to offer sizes for everyone while being affordable.

Boldness should not depend on your body type or your financial resources - it is an attitude we are all entitled to, ladies!

"Every woman should be able

to feel at home in their body."

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