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"For us, every body is a bold work
of art - and we are art lovers.

(The BoldShapes team)

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About the product


noun /ˈbəʊld.nəs/

„A brave and confident
way of behaving that
shows no fear.“

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About the Suit

About the BRAND

"Comfy as a

second skin."


Meet “ALBERTA”, the body shaper that is your powerful boost of boldness.


Comfy as a second skin, it brings out the beauty of your exquisite curves. Taming your tummy, slimming your waist, smoothing your thighs, and naturally lifting your butt, the ALBERTA suit brings out your stunning hourglass figure.


Our engineers have designed the suit to sit lightly on your shoulders with adjustable straps so you have perfect control over the fit and feel. And because we we all have our favorite bra, the bodysuit has a special open bust design to perfectly showcase your preferred piece.

The bodysuit guarantees a comfortably yet tight fit, providing necessary firmness and powerfully shaping your entire figure all the way from your bust, over your waist, butt, and thighs, down to your knees. Flat stitches ensure maximum breathability of the fabric and smooth fit under every outfit. Forget panty lines or visible seams as it fits discreetly under all your clothing.

Finally, the legs are finished off with fine and intricate lace to give you that extra glamorous feel while wearing the ALBERTA shaper.

ALBERTA gets you ready to be the life of the party, chase after your goals and dreams, and be the boldest and most confident you! 


I founded this brand with one mission: help women feel at home in their bodies.


Hence, at BoldShapes we engineer solution wear with precision and passion. Our pieces are designed to make you feel empowered, to take agency into your hands, and to be bold.

We don't want bold fashion to be a question of size or money. Therefore, we aim for our solution wear to offer sizes for everyone while being affordable.

Boldness should not depend on your body type or your financial resources - it is an attitude we are all entitled to, ladies!

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"Every woman should be able

to feel at home in their body."

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